Dashte Gokoeno Header

Dashte Gokoeno

Basic Info First Name: Dashte Last Name: Gokoeno Japanese: ゴコエノダシテ Pronounce: ゴコエノダシテ / ごこえのだして Romaji: gokoenodashite Name meaning: ダシテ Dashte (Dashite) – Can mean offerer or lender. Meaning is not completely accurate since Dashite is not a real Japanese name and is only a part of a couple phrases, it is not used as one […]

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Drake Talbot Header

Drake Talbot

Basic Info First Name: Drake Last Name: Talbot Japanese: ズレイク・タルボト Pronounce: ズレイク・タルボト / づれいく・たるぼと Romaji: dureikutalubeto Name meaning: Drake – Derived from “dragon”, hinting at his dragon anthro form Talbot – From Old German, meaning “Messenger of Destruction” Type: Hoshiloid / ANIMAloid Model: HL-07 Homepage: Character Info Gender: Male Age: 25 Species: Dragon Height: 187cm […]

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