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Basic Info First Name: eXelle Last Name: Japanese: エクせル Pronounce: エクせル / えくせる Romaji: ekuseru Name meaning: Type: FURloid Model: Homepage: Character Info Gender: Female Age: 23 Species: Cat Height: 138cm Weight: 49kg Birthday: Likes: Dislikes: Related Characters: PERSONALITY: Despite her age, looks like a childish kid. She’s WALTT’s older sister and is very jealous […]

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BAI-F0「倍-フォ」 Name: BAI-F0Japanese: 倍-フォPronounce: バイフォ / ばいふぉRomaji: baifoName meaning: Bai’s name comes from a canarian word, baifo, it means baby goat in canary islands’s dialectType: Utakoloid / FURloid3Model: ???Homepage: ??? Character Info Personality Related Characters Supplemental Information Voicebank Info Voice Configuration MMD Terms of Usage Character Info Gender: VariableAge: 2Species: GoatHeight: 121,21cmWeight: 47 kgBirthday: May 30Likes: Gofio, […]

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