Drake Talbot

Basic Info
First Name: Drake
Last Name: Talbot
Japanese: ズレイク・タルボト
Pronounce: ズレイク・タルボト / づれいく・たるぼと
Romaji: dureikutalubeto
Name meaning: Drake – Derived from “dragon”, hinting at his dragon anthro form
Talbot – From Old German, meaning “Messenger of Destruction”
Type: Hoshiloid / ANIMAloid
Model: HL-07
Character Info
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Species: Dragon
Height: 187cm / 6’2″
Weight: 79kg / 175 lbs
Birthday: June 20
Likes: Reading, making music, DJing
Dislikes: Loud people, egotistical people
Related Characters: Dreama Talbot (Sister/ Genderbend @ g-15)
Koibito Hoshioto (fellow Hoshiloid)
Himeko Hoshioto (fellow Hoshiloid)
Kariudo Niwane (fellow Hoshiloid)
Orfeo Tsunne (fellow Hoshiloid)
Okkuu Uwarine (fellow Hoshiloid)
Hachuu Nekkine (fellow Hoshiloid)
PERSONALITY: A silly boy who does stuff without thinking much on the consequences, but rarely gets into trouble. Studious and always trying to finish his work, he manages to find time to work on his music and new remixes. He’s usually very quiet and reserved, but still gets along well with others. Has two canon forms: human and dragon anthropomorphic.
Supplemental Information
Hair: Copper
Headgear: Curled grey horns on top (dragon form)
Eye Color: Green, with slitted pupils
Earphones/Mic: Red and yellow, with white cushions and a black band
Clothes/Dress: A black overshirt with red and yello accents, a longsleeved blue shirt, black slacks and green sneakers.
Character Item: Turntable
Nationality/Race: Japanese / Dragon
Phrases:Nice to meet you. Let’s spin some tunes!
Voicebank Info
Creator: Bokimu
Release Date: June 20, 2012
Voice source: Bokimu
Voice Range: C3-C5
Genre: Pop, Rock
Voice Configuration
ACT 1 be downloaded here: Download link
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