Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the original FURloid.net website?

The Original website is defunct, this site worked as a back-up previously before making some small adjustments over the time.

There are Wiki pages already made, why the need for this Site?

The Wiki’s (mostly Fandom.wikia) are overload with Ads and some Characters have not even an entry there. This project was created to put together a database of characters.

Can anyone edit the content of the entries like in a wiki?

Not directly, previously it required creating a membership to make it possible editing posts or creating new, but after some very high load of spam-account attempts the possibility is currently switched off.

Is it a paid website?

It depends on what you mean by paid. The registration and hosting for the site are paid by the admin, but the content is for free, !NO! Ads.

Do I have to pay for having my UTAU/Synth on the list?

Nope. The idea of having a paid membership would ruin such a concept.

Are the Voice Bank Data/Files available for download on the Site’s server?

So far, the purpose of the site is only to list the voice banks. We do not intend to upload them on our server.

Are alternative versions of a voice bank included?

The only voice bank change that is being considered as a separate entry is the genderswap. Appends, Pitches, Clothing, accessory or other cosmetic changes won’t be considered as a new entry.

My Character is missing, how can I add him/her?

The best is to write on the Twitter/Facebook linked on the site or to contact the creator/owner Drayo on his social media.

Is it possible to add pictures to my UTAU/Synth?

Yes, there are few types of pictures: Character profile, Header, MMD (if included) and gallery. For adding of any of these or updating the current ones please contact the author.

Are there any restrictions for uploading pictures?

The content MUST be SFW (Safe For Work). Any adult or other mature themes are not allowed.

My Character will be not more Updated / will be Retired, will be removed from the Site?

If it would be confirmed then the Character will be moved into “Retired Characters” as his entry will be updated upon the Author/Creator’s request, most of the basic info would be possibly retained for the purpose of the Site.

Can I request the removing of my Character from the Site?

Yes it is possible, if the Author/Creator insists of removing the Character/s for various reasons, they will be deleted from the Database and the Character’s Name will be noted in “Removed/Deleted Characters” for other Users while searching for their Entries.

What FURloid means?

FURloid is short for Furry Vocal Android (Furry Vocaloid). It is a fanmade designation which is not mandatory for a Character’s Description or required that a Character is as one described, each Character has his “Type” set in theirs Profile individually.

Last Update: 31-03-2024