Basic Info
First Name: Koori
Last Name:
Japanese: 氷の
Pronounce: コオリ / こおり
Romaji: kōri
Name meaning: 氷の(Koori) – Meaning “Ice”
Type: JOYloid / UTAUloid
Model: 07 (located on upper thigh above stocking
Character Info
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Species: Kitsunemimi
Height: 162cm / 5’5
Weight: 57kg
Birthday: January 21
Likes: Snuggling, ‘Playing in Snow
Related Characters: Kin Kaneko
PESONALITY: Is very energetic and affectionate.  Being apart of the canine famliy she is very loyal, loving, and cuddly 😀
Supplemental Information
Hair: Bright Tealish Color
Headgear: none
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Earphones/Mic: none
Clothes/Dress: A Black tank top dress tight fitting at the top, and poofs out at the bottom. Trimming the end of the dress is a piano key pattern, There is a green glowing power button symbol on the chest of the dress.  A silver belt wraps over top onf the dress around the waist with glowing blue buttons.
Character Item: Seasalt Icecream
Stockings: They are blue stockings that come up to the middle of her thigh which have a trianlge light, and teal blue coloring.  The stockings curve out at the top. On her left foot there is a small green glowing play symbol, and on the right is a green small glowing pause symbol.

Extra: She has black fox ears, and a teal and black poofy fox tail.  Around her arms are black strings each has one music note dangling from it.  Around her neck, each wrist, and each ankle are round circlular blue glowings wrings. Her nails are painted light blue and her hair ties are black.  The soles of her shoes are elevated a little and with the same blue color as her hair.

Fun Facts

  • She is apart of the JOYloids (created by Yorokobi)
  • She admires UTAU KAI Kim
  • When tired she wraps her tail around her to keep her warm and cozy.
  • She loves the Vocaloid Megurine Luka
  • She is very sensitive and will end up crying from sad songs, movies, or really anything else.
  • She has big boobs >.>
  • Very curvy body (small stomach and waist area, big chest, and a wider hips)
  • Loves to make friends!
  • Sexuality is straight
  • Favorite color is obviously blue!~
Voicebank Info
Creator: Yorokobi
Release Date: January 21, 2013
Voice source: Yorokobi
Voice Range: D4-F4
Genre: Any
Voice Configuration
When using voicebank please make sure to credit Yorokobi/JOYloids/YorokobinyanYou may only change the flags to g-4,g-3,or keep it at g-2. Anything else is not allowed without permission from the creator!

Please do not redistribute with out giving credit.

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