Kin Kaneko

Basic Info
First Name: Kin
Last Name: Kaneko
Japanese: か猫欽
Pronounce: カネコキン / かねこきん
Romaji: kanekokin
Name meaning: か猫 (kaneko) – kaneko means kitten in japanese; Golden Child
欽 (kin) – Gold
Type: TREBLEloid
Model: TL-09 (9 loosely based on cats having “nine lives”)
Character Info
Yattan Akamaine (Best Friend)

Gender: Female
Age: 16
Species: Nekomimi
Height: 150cm / 4’11”
Weight: 44.5kg / 98lbs
Birthday: April 7
Likes: Sweets (particularly Hi-Chew), Music, Art, Tea, Ramune, Books, Cosplay
Dislikes: Intimidating people, being surrounded or crowded by people or into small spaces (claustrophobia)
Related Characters: Aiko Wakana (Fellow TREBLEloid)
Akemi Wakana  (Fellow TREBLEloid)
Akane Koue (Fellow TREBLEloid)
Koori (Close Animal Friend: Views as an Older Sister Figure)
Kai Kim (Close Friend; Views as an Older Brother Figure)
Yuett Egao (Good Friend)
MEGAne (Good Friend)
KUBI SHUNE (Good Friend)
PERSONALITY: Kin is generally very shy. She tends to avoid people she doesn’t know and stays close with familiar faces. When she warms up to others, she tends to bond very closely with the people around her and she shows her very eccentric and happy side. Besides being with friends, she loves to stay alone in quiet, warm places with a good book. Despite her shyness, she loves to perform and has no problem being in front of large crowds. Music and friends are her passion.
Supplemental Information
Hair: Black
Headgear: Headset
Eye Color: Gold
Earphones/Mic: A single silver headset with a pink display and a wireless microphone
Clothes/Dress: White Leotard with a speaker embended into her stomach area. Pink vest/jacket with a high collar that hides the lower portion of her face when completely zipped up. White armwarmers that are held to her leotard with garterbelts. Black and white shorts with a belt attatched. Piano stockings that are held up with garterbelts. LARGE white, pink, and black boots.
Character Item: Hi-Chew Taffy Candy
Nationality/Race: Japanese / Neko
Voicebank Info
Creator: AI
Release Date: July 20, 2012
Voice source: AI
Voice Range: G3-D6 (Recommended)
Genre: JPop
Voice Configuration
ACT 1: Download link

ACT 1.9: Download link

Terms of Usage
Roleplay, Fan-created music, artworks, doujin/comics and fanfiction is encouraged. Also use in duets and choruses is also highly encouraged.

However, pitchloids and fanmade characters edited or created from voicebank samples and/or art of Aiko/Akemi/Yattan/Kin is strictly forbidden. If you wish to make a pitchloid for humor purposes (Example: Tako Luka, Hachune Miku, etc.), please contact the creator first for approval. Pitching Aiko/Akemi/Yattan/Kin’s voice for this reason IS encouraged. Also genderbending is also encouraged as long as proper credit is given.

Also, the creator asks that use of Aiko/Akemi/Yattan/Kin/Akane follows the UTAU rules of Usage.

Commerical Use

Kin Kaneko’s voicebanks and/or official artwork may NOT be used commercially in any way. Please contact the creator at to discuss and obtain permission for commercial use.