Wyvrn Ripsnarl

Basic Info
First Name: Wyvrn
Last Name: Ripsnarl
Japanese: ワイバーン・リップスナル
Pronounce: ワイバーン・リップスナル / うぃばーんりっぷすなる
Romaji: waibānrippusunaru
Name meaning: リップ (rippu) – Rip
スナル (sunaru) – Snarl
ワイバーン (waibān) – Wyvern
Litteraly: Ripping Growl Wyvern
“Wyvrn” is a variant spelling (without voyels) of the word “Wyvern” which means a flying dragon or more particularly a Winged Creature. “Rip” means a act of tearing or cutting something violently; it can also mean making a hole with force. “Snarl” means an agressive growling sound more categorized to the canine species.
Type: Utauloid / FURloid / ANIMAloid
Model: WR-01
Character Info
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Species: DragWolf (dragon + wolf)
Height: 234cm / 92in / 7’8″
Weight: 136kg / 300lbs
Birthday: April 28
Likes: Sushi
Dislikes: Chicken, Turkey, Duck
Related Characters: Kentapoid (Good Friend)
DENGEN (Good Friend)
Darky Ryu (Best Friend)
Skiploid (Good Friend)
Cerif (Good Friend)
Tyler James (Good Friend)
PERSONALITY: Variable, Wyvrn Ripsnarl is a lone wolf, but he knows how to act when he is with others. He is a very trustworthy friend, who doesn’t like when people take his trust for acquired. He is a fighter of Justice and Honor, and will act accordingly to what his justice and honor will lead him. Of nature relatively calm, he can still be a real ticking bomb if angered, so be careful. Even with those facts, he will always be there for his friends and for those in need of his assistance.

Wyvrn Ripsnarl’s name was chosen due to a Wyvern Motherly Care, and also to the fact that despise all this caring, he can also show his fangs and claws.

Supplemental Information
Hair: Golden
Headgear: none
Eye Color: Emerald green
Earphones/Mic: none
Clothes/Dress: Monochrome and Vivid Colors
Character Item: Tokens
Nationality/Race: Canadian / DragWolf
Wyvrn Ripsnarl is created for LoboRaptorLo’s personnal purpose, being his Fursona.
Voicebank Info
Creator: LoboRaptorLo
Release Date: September 3 2014
Voice source: LoboRaptorLo
Voice Range: Depends on used voicebank
Genre: J-pop, J-Rock And Others
Voice Configuration
Romaji: Yes
Hiragana: Yes

Wyvrn Ripsnarl ACT 1.0: Link
Range: F#2 – C#4

Wyvrn Ripsnarl ACT 1.0 Remastered: Link
Range: F#2 – G4

Wyvrn Ripsnarl REINCARNATION: Link
Range: F2 – F4

Wyvrn Ripsnarl EVOLVED: Adult: Link
Range: G2 – F#4

Wyvrn Ripsnarl ALPHA
TBA 2017

Model Name: Wyvrn V.1.1 (Pikadude) – Resized
Modeling: Pikadude31451
Physics: Yes
Bone Names: Yes
Download: MediaFire

Model Name: Wyvrn Ripsnarl REINCARNATION
Modeling: PolyconCount (rigged by Pokeluver223.)
Physics: Yes
Bone Names: Yes
Download: MediaFire

Terms of Usage
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3) Expression of various sexual preferences and/or mild violence in fanart about Wyvrn Ripsnarl is allowed.
4) Using the character for political and/or religious solicitation or slander is prohibited.
MMD Models
1) You are not allowed to edit or take appart the textures and/or the models files in any way or shapes.
2) You are allowed to Resize the models to your likings, just nothing below the Regular Size Model (which have a 0.8 Ratio). You can do it this way: Edit > Plugins > System > Size (S) > [Enter a numerical value] (Above 1.0).
3) You are strictly forbidden to use the models for Rated 18+ or NSFW materials. If misused, the owner reserves their rights to remove access to the models.
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Voice banks:
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7) You are allowed to share the cover but please give credit to the owner. Please also notify the owner when you are posting covers.
8) Free to use, but not for commercial use, unless with the appropiate permissons.

Wyvrn Ripsnarl is a LoboRaptorLo original character – LoboRaptorLo 2016 All Rights Reserved.
Wyvrn Ripsnarl voice banks – LoboRaptorLo 2016 All Rights Reserved.
Wyvrn Ripsnarl models – LoboRaptorLo 2016 All Right Reserved.
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