Basic Info
First Name: Cerif
Last Name: N/A
Japanese: セリフ
Pronounce: セリフ / せりふ
Romaji: serifu
Name meaning: N/A
Type: FURloid
Character Info
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Species: Cat
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 180 lbs
Birthday: October 12
Likes: Metal, Sweets, Japan, Books, Music, Baked goods, Belly rubs, Fish
Dislikes: Dogs, homophobes
Related Characters: WALTT (Best Friend)
DENGEN (Best Friend)
Tyler James (Best Friend)
Wyvrn Ripsnarl (Best Friend)
eXelle (Good Friend)
BAI-F0 (Friend)
PERSONALITY: He may look kinda tough or mean sometimes, but he’s a sweetheart who only wants to protect his friends and entertain people. He’s got a short temper, and can/will hurt those who threaten his friends.
Supplemental Information
Hair: Black
Headgear: None
Eye Color: Purple
Earphones/Mic: None
Clothes/Dress: Usually a belly-showing tank top along with shorts, or a full-size tank top with pants– He usually has his bracers,
which can be shown as the giant mech-hands, or compact bracelets. He wears greaves with open-toed bottoms. He also wears an armband on his right arm.
Character Item: Plush Toys
Nationality/Race: American
Favorite Food: Sushi (Tuna, Red Snapper or Dragon Roll)
Voicebank Info
Creator: CerifUTAU
Release Date: October 10, 2013
Voice source: CerifUTAU
Voice Range: C3 to G4 (On average)
Genre: Varies, but more suited for slower songs
Voice Configuration
Romaji: Yes
Hiragana: Yes
Cerif: 4shared
CV-type Voicebank, very glitchy. Not recommended for use. (Romaji Aliased)
Cerif Act 2.0/2.1: MediaFire
CVV-type Voicebank, clearer than the previous Voicebank. Soft-ish tone, good for slow songs and soft songs. (Hirigana/Romaji Aliased)
CerifSTANDARD: MediaFire
VCV-type Voicebank, easier to use, very clear. Typical strength, no growling, good for most songs. Includes English consonants. Very clear Engrish. (Hirigana Aliased)
CVVC-Type voicebank. Cureently not released, but is ready for release (Likely not to be released).
VCCV English + VCV Japanese. Bilingual voicebank. Sings in Full english and Japanese (No more Engrish!) Soft voice, somewhat emotional. This Voicebank is under a BETA release.
-VCCV otoed to a useable point
-VCV oto not done in the released Beta
Soft CVVC Japanese voicebank with four pitches. Currently being otoed.
-Type: VCV
CerifTOURIST is a multipitch VCV voicebank currently being worked on. It will feature both a power and falsetto bank along with lower pitched as well.
Release Date: TBA
Modeling: Pikadude31451
Terms of Usage
The copyright holder and distributor of this library will not assume any responsibility for any troubles and/or losses incurred by the use of this library. Please use at your own risk.
Artworks, Designs, MMD Models and Character
1) The character design cannot be redesigned unless you get direct permission from the owner (costumes, however, are fine).
2) If you use the picture from this website or other sites like DeviantArt, FurAffinity, Twitter, Facebook, etc, you must be given express permission, and give credit to the owner.
3) Expression of various sexual preferences and/or mild violence in fanart about Cerif is allowed.
4) Using the character for political and/or religious solicitation or slander is prohibited.
Voice banks
1) If editing the oto.ini file, please let me know, I’d like to see your improvements!
2) When using this voicebank for making cover songs, you must give credit to the owner.
3) You cannot change any files: “.wav”, “.txt”, etc, in this voice bank, nor can you take the recordings for your own voicebank.
4) You cannot use this voice bank for profit (i.e. making a song to sell) unless you contact the owner first.
5) You cannot claim this voice bank as your own, it is owned by CerifUTAU.
6) Feel free to share any covers you make, but I (CerifUTAU) would love to see your work! Please, share your work with me via Soundcloud or YouTube.

Cerif is an original character created by CerifUTAU and Utakoloid – CerifUTAU 2016 All Rights Reserved
Cerif voice banks – CerifUTAU 2016 All Rights Reserved.
Cerif models – CerifUTAU 2016 All Right Reserved.
This character is copyrighted by CerifUTAU and Cerif is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.