Basic Info
First Name: Reikipoid
Last Name:
Japanese: レイキポイド
Pronounce: レイキポイド / れいきぽいど
Romaji: reikipoido
Name meaning:
Type: FURloid
Model: NK02
Character Info
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Species: Snow Lion
Height: 188cm / 6’2″
Weight: 83kg / 185lbs
Birthday: 11/23/2010
Likes: Cold, snow, wind, anything chilly, snowglobes, frozen foods
Related Characters: Nukupoid (Creator)
Yuyupoid (Fellow android)
Seikapoid (Fellow android)
PERSONALITY: He usually keeps to himself, but cares a lot about others. He is sometimes seen as sad or angry, maybe deep in thought. Some tend to keep their distance with him because of his height and looks, and others are drawn to them.
Supplemental Information
Hair: Ice Blue
Headgear: Earphones
Eye Color: Blue
Earphones/Mic: Specially made to wrap comfortably around his ears
Character Item:
Nationality/Race: Snow Lion
Reikipoid is Nukude’s second Utauloid aside from himself and his third utau altogether .

Reikipoid is sometimes referred to as Reiki or Rei, he, like Yupo and Nuku, is quiet, though moreso, very much more shy than Nuku. He is usually closed about his feelings and like Yupo, still learning the world around him. He and Yupo are both androids “created” by Nukude.

Since Rei is created after Yupo, he refers to Yupo as his older brother. Even though Rei has an older mentality than Yupo. Yupo would much rather Rei just refer to him as brother.

Rei likes the cold, snow, wind, anything chilly. He always wears his scarf, even if it’s warm out. He also tends to like snow globes and frozen foods of many kinds. His color theme is a dull or dark-ish blue

Voicebank Info
Creator: Nukude
Release Date: November 23, 2010
Voice source: Nukude
Voice Range: C2-C4
Voice Configuration
On August 7, 2013 Reikipoid Act 2 was released. It is an unorthodox VCV but has improved quality and clearer pronunciation and features a new design. It is downloadable via Nukude’s YT channel
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