Basic Info
First Name: Nukupoid
Last Name:
Japanese: ヌクッポイド
Pronounce: ヌクッポイド / ぬくっぽいど
Romaji: nukuppoido
Name meaning:
Type: FURloid
Model: NK00
Character Info
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Species: Wolf-cat
Height: 180cm / 5’11”
Weight: 70kg / 155lbs
Birthday: 2/24/88
Likes: Pepsi, Ramen, Water, Spicy food
Dislikes: Lettuce, Vegetables, most fruit
Related Characters: Yuyupoid (android creation)
Reikipoid (android creation)
Seikapoid (android creation)
Daniru Shikakune (Friend)
Kasha Hanyou (Friend)
PERSONALITY: He doesn’t believe he is a good singer at all, or that he has a good voice for singing. He’s very shy, often quiet, and doesn’t really talk much. But he’s very friendly as people get to know him better.
Supplemental Information
Hair: Black
Headgear: Earphones
Eye Color: Blue
Earphones/Mic: Specially made to wrap comfortably around his ears
Character Item: Water gourd
Nationality/Race: Wolf-Cat furry
Nukupoid is the Utauloid representation of Nukude. They are one in the same, from height to weight, likes to dislikes, and personality.

Sometimes referred to as Nuku-p for short, he is shy and doesn’t actually sing very often. He mostly sings by himself when no one can hear him. His singing range is medium to high, he doesn’t sing very well in low or very high pitches.
Out of the Vocaloids, Kaito Shion is his favorite. He doesn’t really have a favorite Utauloid. He is far too shy for the spotlight, he has terrible stage fright. His color theme is cyan-ish, but his favorite color is any kind of blue. His character item is a water gourd, or any kind of water container because his favorite element is water.

Voicebank Info
Creator: Nukude
Release Date: November 22, 2010
Voice source: Nukude
Voice Range: C2-C4
Voice Configuration
Act 3
Release: April 20, 2011
Act 3 is an unorthodox triphonic bank and is downloadable via Nukude’s YT channel
Act 4
Release: July 14, 2011
Like Act 3 it is an unorthodox VCV but has improved quality and  clearer pronunciation and features a new design. It is downloadable via Nukude’s YT channel
Nukupoid Snow

On June 7th 2012 Nukude released his first append, Nukupoid Snow. The voice is much softer and whispery.It is downloadable via Nukude’s YT channel
Nukupoid has a MikuMikuDance model available for download.It is downloadable via Nukude’s YT channel

Nukupoid act1-3

1. -DO NOT- Use this model’s face for anything at all.
2. Anything else may be used, please remember to credit appropriately -it is not entirely my model nor do I claim much of it.-
3. Nukude\Nukupoid is a representation of myself in the mmd and online community, please respect it as you would me.
4. Nukude\Nukupoid is my character, please do not change him in any way at all or claim him as your own.
5. Please do not use the hair from the back of his head as I would rather you get it from the original model yourself and credit the original creator as I have. IdolM@ster Azusa Miura is the model.
6. -DO NOT- Redistribute, parts maybe redistributed but anything stated within these rules that I do not want you using(back hair and face).

Thanks again for downloading, I will be watching for any edits using any and all of my model edits. Please remember to leave credit where credit is due.
All credit goes to the original creators of any and all models that I use and edit.


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