Beat Okamine

Basic Info
First Name: Beat
Last Name: Okamine
Japanese: 狼音 ビート
Pronounce: オカイネビート / おかいねびーと
Romaji: okaminebīto
Name meaning: 狼 (Wolf) 音 (Sound)
ビート (Beat), Literal Meaning: Wolf Sound Beat
Type: FURloid / ANIMALoid
Model: MK-01
Character Info
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Species: Wolf
Height: 168cm / 66,14in
Weight: 62kg / 136,68lbs
Birthday: February 26
Likes: Sushi ,Pizza
Dislikes: Seafood
Related Characters: Kuroda Samene (Brother)
Abraham Quaver (Close Friend)
Ototsuki Mio (Close Friend)
Sakion Tskuyomi (Close Friend)
Osanai Uta (Close Friend)
Kazuo Chiyo (Close Friend)
Machi Fuerey (Close Friend)
Kreic Umine (Close Friend)
Skiploid (Close Friend)
Elliot Mc Lucky (Close Friend) (Not released yet)
Supplemental Information
Hair: Black
Headgear: none
Eye Color: Clear brown
Earphones/Mic: none
Clothes/Dress: Black and blue
Character Item: Hammer
Nationality/Race: Mexican
Voicebank Info
Release Date: February 26, 2012
Voice source: Missa-kun
Voice Range: F#2-C5
Genre: J-pop, J-Rock And Others..
Voice Configuration
Beat Okamine has a genderbend named Cadence Okamine.
The Flags for Cadence Okamine are:F0Y0g-20L3
These flags are if you are using Resampler, Fresamp, or TIPSVoicebanks
Voicebank CV JPN: Link Mediafre
Beat Okamine VCV ACT 1: Link Mediafire
Beat Okamine VCV ACT 2:BETA
Beat Okamine Forte Append:Link Mediafire
Beat Okamine TriTone (VCV 3 Tones): Link Mediafire
Beat Okamine English CV VC: Link Mediafire
Beat Okamine Spanish CV Voicebank : Link Mediafire
Beat Okamine Spanish CV Voicebank ACT 2: (BETA)Resamplers Can Work With Him
Beat Okamine sounds more smooth and clear with TIPS, But if you are using Fresamp or Rsampler, use these Flags : F0Y0

Special Thanks
First To AslamChronicles For The First Help With The Oto.ini Of Beat , Abraham , Maria, Luis , Hani for the help, Joe For Making Awesome Models Of Beat

Terms of Usage
It’s free to use , but Non-Comercial use , unless with the appropiate permissons, don’t edit his voicebank or the Oto.ini (Only if absolutely needed)