Kuroda Samene

Basic Info
First Name: Kuroda
Last Name: Samene
Japanese: 黒田 鮫音
Pronounce: クロダサメネ / くろださめね
Romaji: kurodasamene
Name meaning: サメ(Shark) 音 (Sound)
黒田(Kuroda), Literally:Kuroda The Sound Of the Shark
Type: FURloid / ANIMALoid
Model: MK-02
Character Info
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Species: Shark
Height: 183cm / 66.14in
Weight: 98kg / 136.68lbs
Birthday: March 21
Likes: Burritos
Dislikes: Sea food
Related Characters: Beat Okamine (Brother)
Abraham Quaver (Close Friend)
Ototsuki Mio (Close Friend)
Sakion Tskuyomi (Close Friend
Osanai Uta (Close Friend)
Kazuo Chiyo (Close Friend)
Machi Fuerey (Close Friend)
Kreic Umine (Close Friend)
Skiploid (Close Friend)
Elliot Mc Lucky (Close Friend (not released Yet)
Supplemental Information
Hair: none
Headgear: none
Eye Color: Yellow
Earphones/Mic: none
Clothes/Dress: Red Speedo, Bracelets With The Mexican Flags And Military Necklace
Character Item: Harpoon
Nationality/Race: Mexican
Kuroda Samene Is The Second Utauloid Of Missa-kun (Voice Provider Of Beat Okamine) But With Another Way To Record (moreDepper) and pitch down the samples.Kuroda Represent the”Mad or Serious ” actitude of his Voice Provider.
Voicebank Info
Release Date: March 21
Voice source: Missa-kun
Voice Range: F#2-C5
Genre: J-pop, J-Rock And Others..
Voice Configuration
Voicebank CV JPN : Link Mediafire
Kuroda Samene VCV:……………………..
Kuroda Samene VCV ACT 2:Link Mediafire
Kuroda Samene CV VC LITE :English:Private
Terms of Usage
Free to Use and Free To Use His Art