Akimori Tellnerin

Basic Info
First Name: Akimori
Last Name: Tellnerin
Japanese: 照るりん秋森 (aka 秋森テーネリン)
Pronounce: テッルネリンアキモリ / てっるねりんあきもり
Romaji: terrunerinakimori
Name meaning: Tellnerin; No meaning
秋 (Aki; Autumn)
森 (Mori; Forest)
Type: FURloid
Model: K-9
Character Info
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Species: Tiger & Husky mix
Height: 191cm / 6’3″
Weight: 82kg / 180lbs
Birthday: Oct. 4, 1993
Likes: Orange Soda, his blanket, his friends, sleeping, and drawing
Dislikes: Enemies, soy beans, purple, yellow, heights, SPIDERS
Related Characters: Nukupoid (Associate)
Raku Tengaine (Best friend, called “Blue” by aki because of his slightly blue fur),
Karomori (Sondaughterthing)
Speedy Torane (fellow furloid)
Kabe Pierce (friend)
Waltt (fellow furloid)
Daniru Shikakune (Associate)
PERSONALITY: Aki would be considered Bi-polar, but he is not. He’s just very emotional. He doesn’t care about anyone that he doesn’t know and would therefore act extremely stuck up to strangers. Aki is also very abrasive when provoked. Since he is short tempered, it’s not hard to awaken that demon that’s inside.
Supplemental Information
Hair: Black
Headgear: None
Eye Color: Green
Character Item:
Aki is typically afraid of being anywhere thats too dark by himself. So, to keep his nerves cool, he carries around his NAVY blue blanket that he actually just found one day. He loved how soft it felt and that drove his need to take it. He honestly does not care who it belonged to before. Like the old sayings go “Finder’s Keepers, Loser’s Weepers” & ” You move your feet, you lose your seat”. Aki has had cataracts since he was 8 and requires glasses to see as he would be considered legally blind in both eyes (20/70 Uncorrected) without his glasses. So, when he turned 12, his face became a permanant home for some designer glasses. He typically has to change his glasses to a weaker perscription ever 2 years as his eyes slowly return back to normal as he’s treated for cataracts. Aki is also not very social. Like for instance, if he is sitting alone minding his own business, and someone comes up to him just to say “hi”, he’ll typically just stare at them silently with a ” :|” kind of look on his face until the stranger leaves…
Voicebank Info
Creator: Myokuju
Release Date: June 06, 2009
Voice source: Myokuju
Voice Range: D#4
Genre: Unknown
Voice Configuration
Akimori has been updated to a VCV voicebank which is now released and available here

His bank includes a regular vcv, a higher pitch,and shouting samples.

To be announced.
Terms of Usage
Roleplay, Fanworks, and Mature Content

Myokuju, the creator of Akimori, strongly requests that Akimori a not be used for Roleplay by anyone unless given express permission. Fanworks such as art and stories are allowed, artworks that have Akimori portrayed in adult situations (i.e. sexually, violently, ect.) are not allowed unless given express permission. Any such portrayals of Akimori should be O.K.-ed by his creator.

Commercial Use

Akimori is a free program and therefore can NOT be purchased or sold. Similarly, absolutely no item featuring Akimori (i.e. art, music, fanart, ect.) can be sold without the express permission of his creator Myokuju.

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