Mami Risu

Basic Info
First Name: Mami
Last Name: Risu
Japanese: リス真美
Pronounce: マミリス / まみりす
Romaji: mamirisu
Name meaning: りす (Risu, squirrel)
真美 (Mami, true beauty)
Type: UTAUloid / FURloid
Model: UTAUloid / FURloid
Homepage: DA
Character Info
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Species: Squirell
Height: 172cm / 5’6″
Weight: 53kg / 117lbs
Birthday: April 23, 1996
Likes: Trees, candy, dancing, animals
Dislikes: Sadness, bullies, tomatos
Related Characters: Ryu Drakita (close friend)
PERSONALITY: A really sparky and energetic girl who jumps around and having fun as much as possible. And she likes people to join in the fun to make them smile.

She doesnt really care about what she wears, a rather dense girl. But she charms everyone easely with her natural personality.

Supplemental Information
Hair: Peach pink
Headgear: None
Eye Color: Neo Bluegreen
Earphones/Mic: Headphones with microphone on the top of her head with her animal ears.
Clothes/Dress: Grey clothing with both vest and shortpants, added with yellow and bluegreen parts, long shoes.
Character Item: Nuts
Nationality/Race: Norwegian, Squirrel
Big fluffy tail and ears up from the head that shows that she’s part squirrel.
Voicebank Info
Creator: Singalaxy
Release Date: September 9, 2013
Voice source: Kage-ku
Voice Range: Unknown
Genre: Techno, Jpop
Voice Configuration
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