Etto Daijoubuka

Basic Info
First Name: Etto
Last Name: Daijoubuka
Japanese: 大丈夫歌エット
Pronounce: ダイジョウブカエット / だいじょぶかえっと
Romaji: daijobukaetto
Name meaning: 大丈夫歌 (daijoubuka; It’s totally made-up. The creator just played with one of the pronunciations of the kanji “歌”, so it doesn’t have a literal meaning.
ェット (etto; based on the interjection “eto” (えと) which would mean “Uh…”, but has no meaning here.)
Her name is a play on the expression “えっと。。。大丈夫か ?” which would mean “Um… Are you okay?”. Don’t take it seriously.
Type: none
Model: none
Character Info
Gender: Female
Species: Rabbit
Height: 164cm / 5’5″
Weight: 49kg / 108lbs
Birthday: June 6
Likes: Shun Koike (but not that much), Her hair, Eating, Dulce de Leche, Pillows, Cranberry Juice, Cinnamon, Being called “cute”
Dislikes: Spiders, the smell of onion, eyes of dead fish, brats, Mathematics
Related Characters: Hotaru Inoue (Idol)
Kami Imane (Friend)
Pascal (Older brother figure)
Shun Koike (Best friend and singing partner)
Im Lei Zi (Ships him with Shun)
Kikaine Eliot (Has a slight crush on him)
June Kaihatsune (Does not want her to marry Shun)
PERSONALITY: As a sly and tricky bunny, Etto enjoys pulling pranks and often uses sarcasm in conversations. She hates everything she is bad at (e.g. Mathematics) and can get angry easily if she doesn’t succeed doing something, even though she is a hard worker. Despite having a good eyesight, Etto has the habit of running into walls.
Supplemental Information
Hair: Orange-ish red
Headgear: She wears a black bow behind on the back of her head, and carrot hairpin.
Eye Color: Light blue
Earphones/Mic: none
Clothes/Dress: Etto wears a red sweater and a long black skirt with lace at the bottom of it. The shoes she wears are brown heeled high boots.
Character Item: Carrot Hairpin
Nationality/Race: Officially has none
Voicebank Info
Creator: Rekka (voicer, operator) and Moka(designer)
Release Date: TBA
Voice source: Rekka
Voice Range: D#3-A5
Genre: Pretty much everything. Fast songs are preferred.
Voice Configuration
Romaji: Yes

Hiragana: Yes

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