Basic Info
First Name: XYZNeko
Last Name:
Name meaning:
Homepage: yt da sc
Character Info
Gender: Male
Age: 6
Species: Cat
Height: 4’2″
Weight: 50lbs
Birthday: March 30
Likes: Apples, Making people happy
Dislikes: Unhappiness, Loud noises, Being called a kitten
Related Characters: Trace (Friend)
Batpoid (Owner)
Umbra Luna (Tries to befriend)
Reza (Aquaintence)
PERSONALITY: XYZNeko is a very nice and polite cat. He never wants to get into any arguments or trouble. He only wants to make everyone happy and is never mean. He is very cheerful and and loves to be outside. He spends most of his time in an apple tree forest eating as many apples as he wants. He feels that if anyone is sad or unhappy, it’s his fault and he needs to make them feel better.
Supplemental Information
Hair: White
Headgear: Purple beanie
Eye Color: Light Green
Earphones/Mic: none
Clothes/Dress: Grey long sleeved shirt with light blue paw print, Blue pants
Character Item: Apples
Nationality/Race: Swedish-Russian / Cat
Fur Color: Light pink

Fun Facts

  • Without his flag, XYZ sounds identical to Trace, a UTAU made by the same voicer, though their voicebanks were recorded seprately.
  • XYZNeko hates to be referred to as a kitten.
  • He is almost always cross-eyed.
  • He is the pet cat of Batpoid, and often plays video games with her.
  • He was born with his left ear twisted. That ear is also deaf.
  • He can speak fluent Swedish and Russian, but not so great English.
  • Very few can understand him when he speaks English due to his mixed Swedish/Russian accent.
  • He rarely uses his claws for anything other than opening packages and such.
  • His father is Russian, His mother is Swedish.
  • Favorite phrase: “пойдем в яблоневом лесу!”, “Låt oss gå till Apple skogen!”, “Let’s go to the apple forest!”
Voicebank Info
Creator: MaliceTheCoolCat
Release Date: April  4, 2014
Voice source: MaliceTheCoolCat
Voice Range:
Voice Configuration
Romaji: Yes
Hiragana: Yes

  • XYZNeko can sing only in Japanese.
  • ACT 1 CV Japanese flags: Y7H2c99g-8; Resampler: fresamp
  • ACT 2 CV Japanese (flags: BRE0Y0H0g-9 ; default resampler OR fresamp)
  • Must use the flag g-8 – g-10 to achieve his voice.
Terms of Usage

  • Be nice to him
  • Nobody other than the creator can distribute his voicebank.
  • Nobody other than the creator can take credit for him.

Voicebank & Content

  • DO NOT change any sounds in his voicebank.
  • DO NOT change his basic design very drastically (unless it fits a certain song).
  • DO NOT involve him in any offensive content.
  • DO NOT genderbend him or make a Pitchloid of him.
  • Editing the oto.ini is fine, but do not distribute it.
  • Use in violent/gorey/horror content is fine (not really encouraged, though).
  • Use in sexual R18+ content is forbidden.
  • If you use him in anything, be sure to tell me and link me to it!


  • Roleplay is fine, just ask the creator before you do so.
  • Please don’t roleplay out of character.

Fanfiction/Fan Art

  • Use in fanart and/or fanfiction is appreciated, and be sure to send the creator a link to the art/fic that he is used in!