Wani Mizube

Basic Info
First Name: Wani
Last Name: Mizube
Japanese: 水辺鰐
Pronounce: ミズベワニ / みずべわに
Romaji: mizubewani
Name meaning: 水辺 (mizube) – Waterside
鰐 (wani) – Crocodile
Homepage: yt
Character Info
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Species: Crocodile
Height: 211cm
Weight: 97kg
Birthday: Sep. ?, 2012
Likes: Surf, siesta, fiesta and fish
Dislikes: Snow
Related Characters: WALTT (best friend)
PERSONALITY: Quiet and sage
Supplemental Information
Hair: none
Headgear: Headphones
Eye Color: Eyeballs are black, with grey to blue irises
Earphones/Mic: Shiny grey color with a blue spectrum and a green K
Clothes/Dress: Simple Black with grey parts and shining blue on chest
Character Item: Surfboard
Nationality/Race: Spanish / Crocodile
Physique: He has a big strong body, his skin is dark/light green and he has blue shines on his spikes and tail

Design: Wani was designed by Utakoloid/Myiko

Voicebank Info
Creator: Kenbi
Release Date: October 5, 2012
Voice source: Kenbi
Voice Range: B2~C5
Voice Configuration
Wani for the moment have one voicebank

Download Mizube Wani 1.0 CV/VCVlite

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