Speedy Torane

Basic Info
First Name: Speedy
Last Name: Torane
Japanese: 虎音スピーディ
Pronounce: トラネスピーディ / とらねすぴーでぃ
Romaji: toranesupīdi
Name meaning: スピーディ (supidi) – Speedy, means to be quick, fast.
虎 (tora) – tiger
音 (ne) – sound
Which would become something as “The Sound of the Tiger”.
Type: UTAUloid / FURloid / ANIMAloid
Character Info
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Species: Tiger
Height: 243cm / 7’11” feet
Weight: 153kg / 337.3lbs
Birthday: March 6
Likes: Lemon Pie
Dislikes: Cocky people
Related Characters: Fasty Netora (Friend/Little sister?)

Ixbran Ximune (Close Friend)

Hiyoshimi Runa (Friend)

PERSONALITY: Speedy Torane is a nice tiger and somewhat cute when nervous. He likes to goof around with his friends or with Fasty. He enjoys funny things and good food. His previous version was more sarcastic and serious, but in his Voyage version (or Actrade2) he is more carefree and cute.
Supplemental Information
Hair: Long, Fire Red colored.
Headgear: Dual-ear headset.
Eye Color: Eyeballs are black, with green irises.
Earphones/Mic: Simple with a microphone.
Clothes/Dress: A modern outfit, with some parts resembling piano keys.
Character Item: Mint Candy
Nationality/Race: Brazilian / Tiger
Beard and Goatee: Fire Red.
Physique: Speedy has a buff built body, with large muscles, defined pectorals, abs and biceps.
Voicebank Info
Creator: Fastspeedy
Release Date: September, 5, 2010
Voice source: Fastspeedy
Voice Range: B2~E4
Genre: Jpop
Voice Configuration
He sounds much better in low pitches or medium pitches, so he is not recommended to high pitches, even though he can reach high notes beautifully.

In order to make Speedy Torane CV sound better, you should use the flags H20Y20C50 in the notes, with no need for flags in the Project Properties. Also, if the song is high-pitched, you should put the notes one or two octaves down.

When using Speedy’ Torane Actrade1, you must set the flags in the Project Properties as Y0F-5, and the flags in the Region Properties of the notes as Y0c90H10. As said before, if the song is high-pitched, pull the notes one or two octaves down.

For Speedy Torane Voyage [Actrade2], it is adviced that you use the TIPS resampler. If the song is too high-pitched, you should pull the notes one or two octaves down.

on Speedy Torane Kanjou most of the resamplers sound good, user recomends you to use tn_fnds resampler for getting a clearer and more natural sound, since it works better with deep voices. If the song is too high-pitched, you should pull the notes one or two octaves down.

CV Voice Bank

Download Speedy Torane CV Voice Bank

Actrade1 Voice Bank

Download Speedy Torane Actrade1 Voice Bank

Voyage [Actrade2] Voice Bank

Download Speedy Torane Voyage Voice Bank

Kanjou Voice Bank

Download Speedy Torane Kanjou Voice Bank

Voice Bank History

First VB

Speedy Torane was released on September 5, 2010, as a CV Voice Bank. With simple note configuration, his voice was deep, but muffled and not very clear, causing him to be overpowered by the songs. His official design was released on the same date as well.

Second VB

On March 26, 2011, a VCV Voice Bank (later called Actrade1) was released, with several new notes and a better configuration. His voice got clearer and more powerful. Still, the voice became muffled depending on the song used and/or flags applied. A new design was released.

Third VB

On August 26, 2011, 5 months after his VCV release, another VCV Voice Bank was released. This time, the samples were recorded in higher quality, with a much clearer sound. His voice became softer, but still deep. Also, he got several new syllabes, including the consonant sounds, which were configured separately. The consonants could be used to render songs in a reasonable Engrish, with a good pronunciation. Thus, a new, more modern design was released, based on the two previous versions.

Kanjou VB

On July, 16, 2012, Speedy’s Kanjou (first called Kire) Voicebank was realased. This Voicebank has 4 different VCV Pitchs, is notable for having such a good level on realism and be more expresive than his older Voice Banks. It sounds also less deep than older VBs. This VB keeps Actrade2’s design

Voyage and Actrade

As Speedy Torane’s creator, I decided to call his most recent Voice Bank Voyage. Because I like the name, and since I created him I wanted to have this name associated with him. Also, Voyage is his Actrade2 Voice Bank. Actrade stands for Act (because that’s the term that is used when a change in an UTAUloid’s VB occurs) and Upgrade (because it IS an upgrade). Now, some people said it is a dumb term, jokes have been made about it, but I don’t care. Actrade is the name of Speedy’s versions, and so it will be. Problem?

Usage Clause

If you want to use Speedy Torane (in any of his versions), you’re free to, for NON-COMMERCIAL use only. For commercial use, you need to ask for express permission from the creator, through the email: ttspeedy[at]hotmail.com. The production of fanarts of Speedy is widely approved, and, in fact, encouraged. No restrictions are imposed by the creator related with the fanarts contents. However, you are NOT allowed to change his physique’s concept, his personality, or his Voice Bank!

Special thanks go to tady159 and Myokuju, for their help with Speedy’s CV Voice Bank and Speedy’s Actrade1 Voice Bank, respectively.

Speedy Torane CV Voice Bank has a MMD Model, created by Nukude. You can download it through here: Speedy Torane CV Voice Bank Model

Speedy Torane Actrade1 Voice Bank still lacks a MMD Model.

Speedy Torane Voyage [Actrade2] (& Kanjou) Voice Bank has a MMD Model, created by MMDFakewings18 & PolygonCount. You can download it throught here: Speedy Torane Voyage Voice Bank Model

Terms of Usage
Speedy Torane, all the versions related to him and all the outfits related to him are property of FastSpeedy (aka AslamChronicles on Youtube).