Ryuu Kagayaki

Basic Info
First Name: Ryuu
Last Name: Kagayaki
Japanese: 竜輝き
Pronounce: リュウカガヤキ / りゅうかがやき
Romaji: ryuukagayaki
Name meaning: (RYUU) – Dragon

(KAGAYAKI) – Shining
Meaning Shining Dragon

Type: FURloid
Model: Unknown
Homepage: DeviantArt YouTube
Character Info
Gender:  Male
Age: 20
Species: Dragolf (Dragon & Wolf hybrid)
Height: 261cm / 8’8″
Weight: 90,7kg / 200lb
Birthday: January 28
Likes: Hot Chocolate, The colors Blue and Black,…
Dislikes: Unknown
Related Characters: Kuro Ookami (Best Friend)
Masaki Reizei (Cousin)
Karomori (Close Friend)
Supplemental Information
Hair: Long Blue
Headgear: Earphones
Eye Color: Blood Red (left) Creamy/Clear (right)
Earphones/Mic: Wrap around the back of his head with the mic attatched to the left earphone.
Clothes/Dress: Based off of a Bhuddist monks’.
Character Item: Hot Chocolate
Nationality/Race: Has no recollection of where he’s from. Dragon/Wolf-hybrid
Voicebank Info
Creator: RyukaK
Release Date: 1/20/2012
Voice source: RyukaK
Voice Range: Unknown
Genre: Unknown
Voice Configuration
Recorded with RyukaK’s normal voice.

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Ryuu also has a SOFT/GENTLE Append.

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