Basic Info
First Name: Lulupoid
Last Name:
Japanese: ルルポイド
Pronounce: ルルポイド / るるぽいど
Romaji: rurupoido
Name meaning:
Type: FURloid
Character Info
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Species: Snow leopard
Height: 182.88cm / 6’0
Weight: 75kg / 167lbs
Birthday: 4/06/88
Likes: Donuts, Shrimp, Clam Chowder
Dislikes: Salty and Sweet foods
Related Characters:
PERSONALITY: A self proclaimed “jackass”, Lucien is often devious, mildly perverted, and has a tendency to toy with people for amusement though deep down he is nice. He doesn’t think hes a bad singer but he prefers not to sing in front of people.
Supplemental Information
Hair: Black
Headgear: none
Eye Color: Gray
Earphones/Mic: Specially made to wrap comfortably around his ears
Character Item:
Nationality/Race: Snow Leopard furry
Lulupoid is the Utauloid representation of LucienSays.

Some people nickname Lucien/Lulupoid as Lulu or Lucy, though he doesn’t really admit to liking it, he secretly does, depending on the person. His singing range is from medium to somewhat high. He does not sing well in low, or really high pitches.

He doesn’t believe he’s that good of a singer, though people tell him otherwise. He tends to sing alone to himself, or to other people he trusts and cares about. He’s not shy at all, rather, he is quite good with words. He jokes around alot about everything, making it seem like he doesn’t take anything seriously, which for the most part is true. Very few things remain important to him, usually only a few select people in his life. The one’s he does admit into his life, are one’s he knows he can trust with anything and everything. While he is friendly with most people, he tends to find the majority of society to be annoying, though he won’t tell you outright unless they’re too dim to understand he doesn’t like them.

Out of the Vocaloids, Len Kagamine is his favorite. He doesn’t really have a favorite Utauloid yet. While he doesn’t like the spotlight too much, he doesn’t dislike it either, it all depends on his current mood. He does like being in it most times, having fun and making jokes for his friends. His colour theme is Black and white, which fit his favorite colours. His character item is as of yet, undecided.

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Voicebank Info
Creator: LucienSays
Release Date: 12/26/11
Voice source: LucienSays
Voice Range: C2-C4
Genre: Ballad
Voice Configuration
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