Kori Kitakoe

Basic Info
First Name: Kori
Last Name: Kitakoe
Japanese: 北声 氷
Pronounce: キタコエコーリ / きたこえこーり
Romaji: kitakoekōri
Name meaning: 氷 (kōri) Ice
北声 (kitakoe) Northern Voice
Type: FURloid
Character Info
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Species: Arctic Wolf/Fox cyborg
Height: TBA
Weight: TBA
Birthday: TBA
Likes: Singing, video games, snow cones, generally being around Yuki
Dislikes: Singing on his own
Related Characters: Yuki Kitakoe (sister and genderbend)
PERSONALITY: the type of person who can get something done on their own, but prefers the presence of others. more TBA
Supplemental Information
Hair: White
Headgear: none
Eye Color: Blue
Earphones/Mic: none
Character Item: Snow Cone
Nationality/Race: Arctic Wolf/Fox cyborg. English
Other: he fits into a ‘canon’ of sort which can be summed up as easily as Hatsune Miku: a singing cyborg from a very far future where the human race has long since died out. to put into more detail, ‘UTAUloid’ in this far future refers to someone of whom has had a certain program (and hardware of their choosing to run it) installed into them (UTAU, obviously) which enables them to sing automatically. in Kōri’s the hardware is in the form of something ‘worn’ on his wrist. this ‘canon’ does not have to be followed in any way at all
Voicebank Info
Creator: 5MagmaFurries
Release Date: TBA
Voice source: 5MagmaFurries
Voice Range: unknown
Genre: unknown
Voice Configuration
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