Ken Aozora

Basic Info
First Name: Ken
Last Name: Aozora
Japanese: ケン青空
Pronounce: ケン アオゾラ / けん あおぞら
Romaji: ken aozora
Name meaning:
Type: FURloid
Character Info
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Species: Wolf
Height: 174cm
Weight: 65kg
Birthday: August 13
Likes: Sweet thing , Especially chocolate
Dislikes: Scary thing
Related Characters: Azuma Rouka ( Best Friend)
PESONALITY: Funny , Adorable , Naughty, Shy
Supplemental Information
Hair: Blue sky and White
Headgear: Ear cuff on left ear
Eye Color: Blue sky
Character Item:
Favorite phrase: i will be your Light , if you got lost in the Darkness
Voicebank Info
Creator: Ken Aozora
Release Date: November 17 , 2016
Voice source: Ken Aozora
Voice Range: C4 – C3
Voice Configuration
Romaji: Yes
Hiragana: Yes
Cv : DropBox     (link still works)
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