Kabe Pierce

Basic Info
First Name: Kabe
Last Name: Pierce
Japanese: ケイブピアース
Pronounce: ケイブピアースけいぶぴあ
Romaji: keibupiāsu
Name meaning: none
Type: FURloid
Model: PC-001
Character Info
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Species: Shiba-Inu
Height: 5′ 1″
Weight: 98 lbs
Birthday: December 1
Likes: Friends, signing, dancing, sweets
Dislikes: Spicy foods, mean people
Related Characters: Rhenn Derring (brother-like, same voice provider)
Karomori(Close Friend)
Akimori Tellnerin (Close Friend)
ALLEGRO (Close Friend)
Skiploid (Close Friend)
PERSONALITY: A mischevious young puppy. He enjoys playing outside and having fun with his friends, Akimori and Karomori, even though he is significantly younger than them.
Kabe dreams of flying, and loves anything that has to do with flying, airplanes or aviation. However, since he is too young to fly a plane, and quite childish, he instead runs about with his toy biplane (often making the engine & propellor sounds himself)
Supplemental Information
Hair: Golden Blonde
Headgear: Goggles
Eye Color: Olive Green
Earphones/Mic: none
Clothes/Dress: A tight fitting green undershrit beneath a brown aviator’s jacket rolled up to the elbows. Light brown pants and black boots.
Character Item: Goggles, Toy Biplane
Nationality/Race: Shiba Inu puppy
Physical Appearance
Kabe is small and young, and he wears a green fitted shirt underneath a brown aviator’s jacket. On the jacket, which is rolled up to his elbows, are patches on his shoulders that say “PC-001” this correlates to his model number. (PC – PolygonCount Utau, 001 – The first utau created by PolygonCount)
Voicebank Info
Creator: PolygonCount
Release Date:
Voice source: PolygonCount
Voice Range: C4+
Voice Configuration
Kabe’s latest model is his 3.0 model, which is .PMX
and features a variety of different options including clothes on sliders and alternate textures.
Terms of Usage
Roleplay, Fanworks, and Mature Content
PolygonCount, the creator of Kabe, strongly requests that Kabe not be used for Roleplay for any reason. Fanworks such as art and stories are allowed and encouraged, artworks that have Any adult content is prohibited unless given express permission from PolygonCount. Kabe is male, and should always remain male, but dressing him up as a girl, or giving him a femenine/effeminate/uke role is allowed. He can be paired with another UTAU of either gender. Light shounen-ai is permitted, no hardcore yaoi.
Commercial Use
Kabe is a free program and therefore can NOT be purchased or sold. Similarly, absolutely no item featuring Kabe (i.e. art, music, fanart, ect.) can be sold without the express permission of his creator PolygonCount .
All content on this page is maintained and verified by Kabe’s creator. Details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.
Thank you for respecting PolygonCount and his character by not misusing this voicebank, the character or redistributing it without Polygoncount’s permission.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact him at:DeviantArt