Jeiku Yumemirai

Basic Info
First Name: Jeiku
Last Name: Yumemirai
Japanese: 夢未来ジェイク
Pronounce: ユメミライジェイク / ゆめみらいじぇいく
Romaji: yumemiraijeiku
Name meaning: 夢 (yume) – Dream
未来 (mirai) – Future
夢未来 (yumemirai) – Dream­’s Future
ジェイク (jeiku) – Jake (Him creator name in Engrish version)
Type: UTAUloid, UTAUMacloid (Its don’t means he will be a MACloid just like Macne Nana but yes he will have a Voicebank for UTAUsynth what is the MAc’s version of UTAU, but, we will see if is posible give to him a official MACloid clothes, aslo what remmembs Macne Nana but with Yumemirai Jeiku’s style), NIAOniaoloid, NEONloid, ANTHROloid/KEMOloid/ANIMAloid/FURloid, WOLFloid, YAOIloid/GAYloid (X/3 yah) and PORTUGAloid (he have been created on Portugal)
Model: YJ01 (Yumemirai Jeiku 01)
Character Info
Gender: Male
Age: 14-18
Species: Neon Anthro/Kemono Wolf with Magical Neon Blue Fire Powers
Height: 166cm / 5″ 5.4′
Weight: 54kg / 119lbs
Likes: Hatsune Miku (IDOL), Kasane Teto (IDOL), WALTT (IDOL), All types of music/songs(exept if thei are Homophobic or pedoness or racism or hetero sex), Vedeogames, Anime/Manga, Sing, Drawn and Cuddles (ALOTS OF CUDDLES)
Dislikes: Homophobics, Racism(Or is Racist??? XD my english sucks again XDDD), Pedophilia (Yup! He hate Shotacons and Lolicons and EVERTHING about pedophilia), War, Pain, Spiders (Phobia)
Related Characters:
Personality: Jeiku is a kawaii and kind person what can be awesome some times and another times no… (depends who we are talking), Jeiku on secret is a lil Yandere/Yangire, not on a jealous way but yes on a protective way (He is VERY agressive just when he need to protect himself or other person), but he is a good person.
He have Neon parts on him body just like the eyes, the inside of him (you can see it when he is with the mouth opened, is opened right or is other word? XD), some parts of him paws, him ears and “others what you know Uehehe” èwé
Supplemental Information
Hair: Blue
Eye Color: Blue
Character Item:
Sexuality: Homossexual (Suke, but, he is more uke or seme depending of the states of the moon)
Voicebank Info
Creator: JEIKU(Jake Oscar)
Release Date: June 12, 2015
Voice source: JEIKU(Jake Oscar)
Voice Range:
Voice Configuration
Softwares: UTAU, UTAUsyth and NIAOniao (Still working about on that second lasts VOICEBANKS)
Group: YUMEMIRAIstudios
Project: Future Dream ProjectRomaji: YesHiragana: Yes


Terms of Usage
R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Not Required. Only on gay terms and REALLY NOTHING of “heteroness/biness” or pedoness (About the sex) and just if he are protecting someone (Horror/Kill terms) and please don’t do him acting so slut or psichotic, he is better about that ù_ú
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Yes, but derivatives must be created with permissionThanks for download Yumemirai Jeiku and please don’t use him for homophobic, pedoness, heteroness, racism or religious things! (Him creator and Himself don’t have a religion)