Idurisu Yone

Basic Info
First Name: Idris
Last Name: Yone
Japanese: イヅュリス・ヨネ
Pronounce: イヅュリスヨネ / いづゅりすよね
Romaji: idurisuyone
Name meaning: イヅュリス(idurisu) – Comes from the name “Idris”
ヨネ(yone) – Comes from “yo” to emphasize, and “ne” meaning sound.
Therefor “Ephasized sound!”
Type: UTAUloid / FURloid
Model:  DH02 (Dragon Humanoid 2)
Character Info
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Species: Dragon
Height: 193cm / 6′ 04″
Weight: 92,5kg / 204lbs
Birthday: January 21st, 1990
Likes: Arago, Dragons, Friends and Singing!
Dislikes: Annoyances, Disruption and Inconsiderate people.
Related Characters: Arago Pipu
PERSONALITY: Silent and strong, Idurisu loves friends. Almost as much as he appreciates Arago. But once he gets enraged by common indecency and wrongfulness, it takes a while for him to calm down. He loves associating with other dragons and loves duets.
Supplemental Information
Hair: None
Headgear: None
Eye Color: Baby Blue
Earphones/Mic: Reverse Diamond Synth Headphones. Long white microphone.
Clothes/Dress: Grey shirt with a blue line going down the middle with a slight hole revealing my chest scales. Favourite colour tag. And Diamonds and my belt are Arago’s favourite colour.
Character Item: Filet Mignot and my computer
Nationality/Race:  Welsh/Dragon
The reason why the number on his arm (you can’t see it because it’s under his sleeve) DH02 is because he found the perfect human to sing with (Arago Pipu). So they both ended up getting DH02 (Idurisu) and DH01 (Arago) tatooed on their arms.
Voicebank Info
Creator:  Idris A. Jones
Release Date: April 23rd, 2012
Voice source: Idris A. Jones
Voice Range: C2 to C5
Genre: Rock, Pop, Techno and anything else i feel
Voice Configuration
Ranges from C2 to C5 and is good for almost any song. With hiragana and romaji capabilities, Idurisu is up for anything.

New VB Links Coming soon.

 Idurisu Yone MMD Model Coming Soon
Terms of Usage
Usage of library: Standart Usage Policy of UTAU library use.
Commercial use of Voicebank: No
Usage of Character: Yes
Commercial use of Character: No
Derivation of Voice and library: No
Alternation of Character: No
MMD model: Coming Soon
Fan Arts: Yes
R-18 Fanarts: No

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