Basic Info
First Name: Hazumazu
Last Name:
Japanese: はずまず
Pronounce: ハズマズ /はずまず
Romaji: hazumazu
Name meaning:
Type: DATALOID (Polycats Digital Synthesizer) ; FURloid (Personal Voice Configurator)
Model: 0916 – Initially voicebank are release on Malaysia Day (16 September 2011)
Character Info
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Species: Sarawakian Cat
Height: 150cm / 4’11”
Weight: 40kg / 88lbs
Birthday: March 15
Likes: CryptograpicHash, Sleep, Swimming
Dislikes: Crowded Place, Animal abuse
Related Characters: Friend: AhmadKniam
PERSONALITY: Hazumazu is a loud, boisterous cat who likes to flaunt his drop-dead gorgeousness and is poor with domestic tasks.
Supplemental Information
Hair: Light Blue and Dark Blue
Headgear: none
Eye Color: Blue iris with Red pupil
Earphones/Mic: none
Clothes/Dress: A orange/blue uniform
Character Item: Red Flute
Nationality/Race: Malaysian / Sarawakian Cat
Type: Cat
Updated Design are on Inkbunny gallery. Human part are discontiued.Voicebank & Character Origin
Build from different subject and combination of data. Voice, Character, Personality & Genre.
N voicebank originally created from the subject FP104-Computer Application Software (Mdm. Faridah class). By Default the voicebank usage are limited to the Vowels combination to form a specific word.
N Character are created from the subject FP204-Digital Media (Mdm. Tan Phei Yee class). The first design are the “Blue Tiger” then the design are change to the “Blue Cat” .The utauloid N kemono form are re-created from the Blue Cat in the Flash Animation. The character are use again in the JTMK (Department of Information Technology)
Voicebank Info
Creator: Nezumiro Harmonia / N
Release Date: September 16, 2011
Voice source: Nazirul Haziq
Voice Range: C5
Genre: Electroacoustic improvisation, Political hip-hop, Soundscape composition & Dangdut
Voice Configuration
The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

Design for 7th Semester in Polycats. (Human Form)

Voicebank [CV]

Tripitch CV  :
[- upd- 01/Oct/2014 –  – ]

Voicebank [CVVC]

Global CVVC :
[ ]
It is neccesary to use ” g-10 ” at the utau rendering option to tune up his voice. (For voicebank ACT 2)
For his software user can use the Metronome with Semiquaver to prevent the Left-hand pizzicato note appear when he singing. (For his default synthesizer software)
For Poliku/Polycats student, you can obtain his copy of his software from JTMK  Multimedia Lab (PC 12), Programming Lab 1 (PC 01) and Hypermedia Lab (PC 16).

N has a MMD model thich is only for his kemono form. Download link are available on facebook.
>_All the base model belong to their respective owner

Polycats N MMD

>_Please don’t edit his appearance.
>_Redistributions of source code must retain the copyright.
>_All notice must be refer to the terms of use above.
>_Do not tear apart his model and parts.

Terms of Usage
For those who using the developed software, please don’t change any of the default setting. Changing it will lead the program to stop working.