Hansamu Pig

Basic Info
First Name: Hansamu
Last Name: Pig
Japanese: ハンサム・ピグ
Pronounce: ハンサムピグ / はんさむぴぐ
Romaji: hansamupigu
Name meaning: ハンサム (hansamu)- Handsome
ピグ (pigu) – Pig
Type: UTAUloid
Model: 11 (He randomly likes the number)
Character Info
Gender: Male
Species: Pig
Birthday: January 28
Likes: Sekushi Beikon, crossdressing
Dislikes: People who try to steal Beikon, people who cook pigs
Related Characters: Sakura Midori (Younger sister)
Sakaro Ren (Friend)
Sekushi Beikon (Soulmate XD)
Natsumi Reika (Like a little sister to him)
Saki Midori (Mother)
PESONALITY: Hansamu is all about himself, unless he is thinking about Sekushi Beikon, or crossdressing. He is an all-out Sekushi fanBOY, and desperately wants to stroke his little bacon body. Did we mention that he’s kind of a creeper too? Aside from all of that, Hansamu is a caring brother to Sakura Midori. He stands up for her when she’s being bullied. His most prized possesion is a life size stuffed animal of Beikon. He has kept it in good condition ever since he got it. He likes girls, but he just likes one boy, which is Beikon. He attempts at wooing the girls, which never works. He sarcastically woos a ugly girl now and then, just to feel special, because most of them are in love with him.
Supplemental Information
Hair: Blond with dark outlines
Headgear: Headphones
Eye Color: Blue
Earphones/Mic: Black, two rectangles on each side, two for high sounds, two for low sounds, glow when he sings
Clothes/Dress: Shirt: Purple with a v-neck, a undershirt with black and orange stripes underneath the shirt, wearing a scarf, a dark outline on the edge

Pants: Purple shorts with a gray belt that has lines on it, and Pig on the buckle, surrounded by orange, his tail curls into the shape of a heart

Feet: From the knees to the ankle, black stripes then zigzags, orange, black shoes and orange sole

Character Item:

  • His room is filled with Beikon posters
  • Whenever he’s alone, he eats small portions of bacon
  • He creeps out pretty much everyone most of the time
  • He loves playing with Natsumi
  • Everywhere he goes, he brings a mirror and a necklace with Beikon on it
Voicebank Info
Creator: Akemi-chan
Release Date: February 5, 2012
Voice source: Akemi-chan
Voice Range: F3
Genre: Any
Voice Configuration
Hiragana:Hansamu’s VB is private. It is not available to the public.
Terms of Usage
  • Do not make changes to Hansamu, only when I do
  • Use him whenever his VB comes out, and when it does, credit me
  • Ask me for permission for any of the following (PM me on YouTube)- Roleplay, fanfiction, teen rated drawings