Gentloid Shizoko

Basic Info
First Name: Gentloid
Last Name: Shizoko
Japanese: ジェントロイド シゾコ
Pronounce: ジェントロイド シゾコ / じぇんとろいど しぞこ
Romaji: jentoroidoshizoko
Name meaning: Gentloid (Gentle + Loid) Shizoko (No meaning)
Type: Appenloid / Furloid / ANIMAloid
Model: GE-CV
Homepage: none
Character Info
Gender: Variable (displayed male)
Age: 19
Species: Rabbit
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 100lbs
Birthday: Febuary 14
Likes: Stuffed animals
Dislikes: Forced social interactio
Related Characters: Powloid Sumito (Appendloid)
Yandeloid Tamatama (Appendloid)
Tenebie (Same creator)
PERSONALITY: He is very shy and softspoken, even to those closest to them. Not much is known about him since he rarely speaks about himself.
Supplemental Information
Eye Color:
Character Item:
Voicebank Info
Creator: TenebieCenturion
Release Date: October 23, 2015
Voice source: TenebieCenturion
Voice Range:
Genre: Music Box, Ballad
Voice Configuration
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