Egaki Kaze

Basic Info
First Name: Egaki
Last Name: Kaze
Japanese: えがき 風 / เอกาคิ คาเสะ
Pronounce: エガキカゼ / えがきかぜ
Romaji: egakikaze
Name meaning:
Type: FURloid
Model: none
Character Info
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Species: Mouse
Height: 160cm
Weight: 55kg
Birthday: June 22, 1999
Likes: Calamari, games, bed, Rabbits, a man who has tan skin and muscle.
Dislikes: Cockroaches
Related Characters: Daisuke (Boyfriend)
Ogaki Kaze (genderbend)
PERSONALITY: She is friendly but shy. She doesn’t like to talk with strangers. She is good at fighting so if somebody tricks her or makes her mad, she’ll beat them up!
Supplemental Information
Hair: Long black
Headgear: none
Eye Color: Red/yellow
Earphones/Mic: Headphone
Clothes/Dress: Green blouse, black bodysuit and brown boots
Character Item: Belt
Fur: White with red tiger stripes
Voicebank Info
Creator: Tar
Release Date: March 12, 2015
Voice source: provider is unknown
Voice Range: C4~B5
Genre: not definied
Voice Configuration
CV list :
Egaki VoiceBank V.Prototype (It’s not complete yet and have a lot of missing voice)
Egaki VoiceBank V.2 Finally finished 😀Genderbend: Ogagi Kaze
Just use Egaki VoiceBank V.2 at “voice range C3~B4″ & “Flags g+20”
Terms of Usage