Draco Ryumaru

Basic Info
First Name: Draco
Last Name: Ryumaru
Japanese: 竜座 リュウマル
Pronounce: ドレイコ リュウマル / どれいこ りゅうまる
Romaji: doreikoryuumaru
Name meaning: Draco comes from the original name of the owner’s Fursona. Plus Ryu that means dragon and the sufix -maru, that applies to male names.
Type: UTAUloid / FURloid
Character Info
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Species: Wolgon (wolf and dragon hybrid)
Height: 167cm
Weight: 72kg
Birthday: September 12
Likes: Candies, Videogames, Being with friends, Italian and Chinesse Food, Japanese Desserts, Drawing, Reading, Writing, Poolparties, Being with his mate, ; Medical, Comical, Anime-and-Cartoon-like TV shows. Music: Rock, Metal, Irish, Classic and Pop that does not involves Love; also he loves OST. Movies: Comic, Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller. He also loves cold weather
Dislikes: Violence, Older guys picking up against younger and weeker guys (also the same on kids), Chicken based food, Seafood (He’s allergic), Ponies, Hot weather
Related Characters: Dave Okatsune (boyfriend)
PERSONALITY: He’s mostly hyperactive with lots of energy to be burn. Mostly He’s seen playing, drawing, reading at high speed or writing. He is a huge fan of sweet food and fast food, tough his priority in the food chain is Yucatecan, Mexican, Italian and Japanese desserts.
Sometimes Draco shows absolute confidence, and others he’s just too shy.
Supplemental Information
Hair: Dark brown, long and tied on a pony tail with a golden piece.
Headgear: Black headset with red mic on the left side. Added with light lines arround the middle area
Eye Color: Red dragon-like eyes
Earphones/Mic: Black headset with red mic on the left side.
Clothes/Dress: According to the song he may use a different outfit, but his main is a set of jeans, black leather with light lines and golden straps vest, and red short chest heigh, long sleeved jacket with wool neck that also has light lines and his two initials on the left side of the chest.
Character Item: Wii-mote / Chainsaw
Nationality/Race: Mexican / Wolgon (Half Wolf, Half Dragon)
Fur: Chestnut
Physique: Pretty girlish but with some muscles on his body, tonified, not beefy. In previous versions he had a set of wings but they were cut from ver. 3.0 to allow him major movement and also a better performance and display.
Voicebank Info
Creator: Dracolicoi
Release Date: July 29, 2012
Voice source: Draco Nidhoggson
Voice Range: C3-C4
Genre: Pop, Rock, Techno
Voice Configuration
Draco Ryumaru’s voice bank can be found here
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