Deon Dainine

Basic Info
First Name: Deon
Last Name: Dainine
Japanese: 第二音デオン
Pronounce: ダイニネデオン / だいにねでおん
Romaji: daininedeon
Name meaning: デオン (deon) – his name Deon
第二 (daini) – second; 音 (ne) – sound
Second sound Deon
Type: FURloid / ANIMAloid / UTAUloid
Model: DD-2
Character Info
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Species: Lyxan
Height: 175cm
Weight: 75kg
Birthday: Ferbuar 2
Likes: Dragons, dancing
Dislikes: Bugs, Spiders, darkness
Related Characters: Drayo Ryuune (complicated)
Alana Delarine (genderbend)
Riona Ryuufune (friend)
PERSONALITY:  Bit of clumsy and childish, sweethearted to close firends. Playing stupid even been fairly inteligent.
Supplemental Information
Hair: Dark grey
Headgear: Headset
Eye Color: Dark green
Earphones/Mic: Headphones with attached mic and holo-glasses emitter
Clothes/Dress: Own design
Character Item: Crystal orb
Nationality/Race: Lyxan
Voicebank Info
Creator: Drayo Drax (aka Spittorbone)
Release Date: TBA
Voice source: Drayo Drax (aka Spittorbone)
Voice Range:
Voice Configuration
Terms of Usage
Usage of library: Library using is free. Relion, or any similar use is not acceptable.
Comecrial use of Voicebank: Permittion needed.
Usage of Character: Free as long credits shown.
Comercial use of Character: Permittion needed.
Derivation of Voice and library: Allowed only a minor edit to adjust the settings.
Alternation of Character: Character alternations are allowed only for clothing and accessory.
MMD model: Using of MMD models is free as long the credits are shown. Any alternation needs permittion from the owner.
Fan Arts: Fan arts are acceptable.
R-18 Fanarts:  R-18 stuff is acceptable, straight Doujin is prohibited (exception can be granted by contacting the creator).