Bunsen Berubetto

Basic Info
First Name: Bunsen
Last Name: Berubetto
Japanese: ブンセンベルベット
Pronounce: ブンセンベルベット / ぶんせんべるべっと
Romaji: bunsenberubetto
Name meaning: His first name is a mix of Bunny and a misspelling of zen.
His last name is japanese for Velvet.
Type: FURloid / Bunloid
Model: 0001
Homepage: N/A
Character Info
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Species: Rabbit
Height: 4′
Weight: 46kg
Birthday: November 6th
Likes: Carrots, Being a hero, Fighting Monsters, Being called cool, Yuki Sakura
Dislikes: Leeks, Not being seen as a hero, Fighting his friends, Being called cute
Related Characters: Yuki Sakura (Good Friend/Same Creator)
Zana Chan (Gaming Buddies/Same Creator)
Aka Futagongaku (Was taught how to speak by him/Same Creator)
Supplemental Information
Hair: Creamy brown
Headgear: N/A
Eye Color: Neon pink
Earphones/Mic: N/A
Clothes/Dress: Brown hoodie, with a large black sword on the front, and a grey shield on the back. He wears brown shorts. He wears black gloves, and black legwarmers. He wears brown and white sneakers.
Character Item: Carrot Sword
Nationality/Race: Canadian / Rabbit
Voicebank Info
Creator: MrMokona14
Release Date: October, 2014
Voice source: MrMokona14
Voice Range: C3-C5
Genre: N/A
Voice Configuration
Bunsen’s flags are contained in a txt file in the file. ACT1: Mediafire
ACT 1 (Fixed OTO): Mediafire
Bunsen now has a downloadable and usable model for MMD. It is available for download here:


Terms of Usage

  • He was based on an original character from MrMokona14, based on Bonnie the Bunny from Five Nights At Freddy’s, but made tame.
  • Due to being taught to speak by Aka, he speaks in Japanese. Zana is working on teaching him English.
  • Yuki has made him wear a dress before. Bunsen didn’t say no.
  • Bunsen is short for his age, being 4 foot even at the age of 20.
  • Bunsen is pansexual, which means he is interested in anyone, as long as he likes their personality.

Important Stuff

  • Do not claim Bunsen as yours!
  • Credit MrMokona14 in covers if you use Bunsen.
  • MrMokona14 doesn’t mind if you RP as Bunsen, just don’t get too over the top as him.