Berry Shake

Basic Info
First Name: Berry
Last Name: Shake
Japanese: ベリー・シェイク
Pronounce: ベリーシェイク / べりしぇいく
Romaji: berīsheiku
Name meaning: Berry (as in berries)
Shake (as shaking)
Type: FURloid
Character Info
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Species: Bear & Tiger hybrid
Height: 250cm / 8,2ft
Weight: 200kg / 440lbs
Birthday: May 9, 1992
Likes: Helping others, Sweets, the color Blue
Dislikes: Scary things, Mean people, Thunder
Related Characters: Ryu Drakita (boyfriend)
PERSONALITY: even for his huge size, he is a really sweet and kind guy. he likes to take care of others and doesn´t hurt people. he is quite shy at times and may say something weird when he panics, but he is just a big guy who doesnt know what to do at times. but he will always make you smile and give you hugs and care whenever you need it.
Supplemental Information
Hair: Light yellow
Headgear: none
Eye Color: Blue
Earphones/Mic: none
Clothes/Dress: A dark brown vest and lighter brown pants, a coffee-like color theme
Character Item: Cup
Nationality/Race: Norwegian, bear-tiger hybrid
Fur color: pink and light yellow, with brown stripes
Voicebank Info
Creator: Singalaxy
Release Date: May 9, 2015
Voice source:  Jacksonaqual
Voice Range: Unknown
Genre: Ballade, Pop
Voice Configuration

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