Original Domain Defunct

Hello there, It is now officially that today 22/12 the furloid[dot]net website domain name is defunct & inactive. Just giving it known. The project itself lives as a Backup on creator’s web.

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Empty Profiles!

Hello there, I want to address a small common thing I’ve discovered by a small maintain, and that are empty or emptied Profiles. The Characters if changing their status as something like “retired” or “abandoned” could have their own extra section dedicated for them, but the Profile info’s would then remain as archived. Please don’t […]

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Upload Restrictions

Hello Folks, As changing the hosting server it can have few possible restriction on occasion, mostly upload / update and any other file related features can be stopped due to server’s fail-save (overflow) limit. This can take a few days if it occurs on friday / weekends till next work day after contacting the hosting […]

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Moving the Site

Hello Folks, The Site been moved on a new host (as a backup), since the old hosting company announced they are closing their business in 15/6/2021.

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Registration problems

Hello Folks, Since there is a problem with Registration spamming the approving of new users have to be done manually and if occured any problems the best option is contacting on the Twitter page.

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Hi there, Latelly added new Profiles: Ichiro Haruki Ken Aozora Riona Ryuufune Alana Delarine Kuma Chairo ALLEGRO Myako Kyushi Steve Ashita Zeru Ryuuka Haruto Kawaoto

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Sachi Katasakine Header

Sachi Katasakine

Basic Info First Name: Sachi Last Name: Katasakine Japanese: サチ・カタサキネ Pronounce: サチカタサキネ / さちかたさきね Romaji: sachikatasakine Name meaning: Type: Model: Homepage: Character Info Gender: Age: Species: Height: Weight: Birthday: Likes: Dislikes: Related Characters: PESONALITY: Supplemental Information Hair: Headgear: Eye Color: Earphones/Mic: Clothes/Dress: Character Item: Nationality/Race: Voicebank Info Creator: Release Date: Voice source: Voice Range: Genre: […]

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Rui Hagane Header

Rui Hagane

Basic Info First Name: Rui Last Name: Hagane Japanese: 刄歌音ルイ Pronounce: ハガネルイ / はがねるい Romaji: haganerui Name meaning: Type: Model: Homepage: Character Info Gender: Male Age: 19 Species: Husky Height: 125cm Weight: 33kg Birthday: 2013/10/27 Likes: melon soda , cream soda , melon , blade material Dislikes: Children’s treats Related Characters: Yuu Rouga Tau Rouga […]

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Yuu Rouga Header

Yuu Rouga

Basic Info First Name: Yuu Last Name: Rouga Japanese: 滝歌ユウ Pronounce: ロウガユウ / ろうがゆう Romaji: rougayuu Name meaning: Type: Model: Homepage: Character Info Gender: Male Age: 16 Species: Tiger Height: 220cm Weight: 170kg Birthday: 2012/02/05 Likes: Meat dishes , Waon Ikuto , muscle training Dislikes: Actinidia (because drunk cheap), sake (because drunk cheap), sweet Related […]

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Lokyu Toku Header

Lokyu Toku

Basic Info First Name: Lokyu Last Name: Toku Japanese: 督臈躬 Pronounce: トクロウキュウ / とくろうきゅう Romaji: tokuroukyuu Name meaning: 督 (toku) – observer 臈 (rou) – many years, mature 躬 (kyuu) – body, me Type: ANIMAloid Model: Homepage: Character Info Gender: Male Age: 30 (mental age) Species: Chinese Dragon Height: 175cm / 5’8″ft Weight: 83kg / […]

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