A•Li Yunibasaru

Basic Info
First Name: A•Li
Last Name: Yunibasaru
Japanese: アリ・ユニバーサル
Pronounce: アリユニバーサル / ありゆにばーさる
Romaji: ariyunibāsaru
Name meaning: A•Li (Ollie)
Yunibasaru (Universal)
ALIAS: Ollie – (His creator, Emmy’s, cat is named Oliver, or Ollie.)
Model:  P-004 (Being a cat, he has 4 paws.)
Character Info
Gender: Male
Age: 7
Species: Cat
Height: 46cm / 1’6″ (Approximately from his feet to the tip of his tail.)
Weight: 5kg / 12lbs
Likes: Mice, getting what he wants, food, warm places, his owner
Dislikes: Being denied something, water, being made mad
Related Characters: Shosan Yunibasaru (Owner)
N~Nyan (friend; fellow cat UTAUloid)
PESONALITY: A•Li is a very spoiled little kitty owned by Shosan Yunibasaru. He loves getting what he wants, and will resort to biting you if he doesn’t. If he has to wait to be let out or be fed, he’ll jump on your nearest body part and bite you. Hard. Shosan is rather proud of this, and loves him dearly, even if he bites her from time to time.
Supplemental Information
Headgear: An orange collar, with a mouse-shaped speaker on it.
Eye Color: Green
Earphones/Mic: none
Clothes/Dress: A transparent, orange VOCALOID arm warmer on his tail.
Character Item: Cat food, mouse shaped speaker
Nationality/Race: Cat PARALOID
Fur Color: Black, white from his chest down to his legs, which are black down to his white paws. He has white blotches above his nose and bordering his mouth.
Voicebank Info
Creator: Emmy
Release Date: December 18, 2010
Voice source: Emmy
Voice Range:
Voice Configuration
Hiragana:VOICE ACT1: Download link

A few Appends are most likely going to be released:

Viscous- self explanatory.

Hungry- hollow, demanding

Want out- commanding, serious

A•Li’s ACT2 will undergo recording and oto.ini tuning soon, then be released.

A•Li’s voicebank consists entirely of meows.

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