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Asone Kantau

Asone Kantau has joined the Furloids

First Name: Asone
Last Name: Kantau
Japanese: アソネ カンタウ
Romaji: Asone Kantau
Name meaning: Aso (Dog)
Kanta (Song)
Type: FURloid

Gender: Male
Age: 17
Species: Husky
Birthday: March 26th
likes: Singing , Pandesal, Strawberry, Warm Milk, Bowling
dislikes: Bad People, Homophobes, Sardines, Dead Memes
Related Characters: Hasoki Kantau (Younger Brother/Pitchloid)
Marasuki Kantau (Older brother/Pitchloid)
Usagi no Chikara (Boyfriend)
PERSONALITY: a cheerful, clumsy and optimistic husky that will do anything to please his users, His a little insecure of his voice because he sounds like a kid in a grown mans body but still enjoys singing with his voice

Hair: Yellow
Eye Color: Yellow, Orange
Clothes/Dress: Black Button up shirt, Yellow MP3 player tie, Black Khaki Pants, White Tennis Shoes
Character Item: MP3 Player Tie
Species: Husky

Fanart is allowed.

R-18 Art Permission Needed

Voicebank link: Soon

  1. Fullbody image: Soon

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